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Quadro comil granulators

Locate It Direct is a supplier of used fitzmill & Quadro comil granulators machinery based in New Jersey. We are driven towards providing the best quality packaging and processing equipment. Our surplus supply chain is dedicated to offering top-quality pre-owned equipment.

At Locate It Direct, we have always managed to keep up with the changes in the competitive market, offering innovative products.

Our inventory consists of various types of granulators including Quadro Comil, used Fitzmill, Diosna high shear granulators. Whatever your surplus machinery requirement may be, we offer the best value for all your processing investments.

Quadro Milling Products

At Locate It Direct, we provide high quality used machinery. Our inventory includes products from reliable and industry-leading brands. We offer milling equipment from Quadro, which is one of the leading pharmaceutical machinery innovation company that is known for its high-caliber processing products.

A Quadro mill is acknowledged to create high-quality powdered ingredients with a fine particle size distribution. With these granulators, the products are processed with a very precise level of application. The milling products from Quadro are the best solution to your pharmaceutical processing needs. With the emphasis on quality product generation, these granulators are the best choice for pharmaceutical processing.

Uses Of Granulators/Mills In Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Granulators are used in the pharmaceutical industry to efficiently condition the powdered ingredients for the pre-compression and processing stage.
  • Helps achieve optimal particle size distribution and the required volume of production while maintaining operator safety.
  • With optimal particle size distribution achieved, the product processed is of high quality.
  • Proven to be successful even under most abrasive environments
We offer both used Quadro mill granulator and the compact Quadro comil granulator that meets all sorts of processing requirements. Benefits Of A Quadro Mill
  • Efficient milling ensures the highest volume of product generation within a short span of time.
  • Heat generation is significantly low even at high capacities.
  • The particle size distribution is very accurate.
  • Efficient production and processing of products and nearly 100% recovery.
Benefits Of Quadro Comil
  • A Quadro Comil has the same capabilities of an overdriven granulator like the Quadro mill, the only difference is that it is much more compact and can easily fit any processing environment while offering a full range of capabilities.
  • With an inline design, smaller footprint and short head height, you can easily integrate this type of granulator mill in your processing environment.

Why Choose Us?

Pharmaceutical Industry is constantly changing with the advancement in technology and at Locate It Direct we manage to keep in sync with all the latest innovations in the Pharmaceutical Industry and offer you pre-owned products that guarantee standard results.

Our ability to provide the latest, innovative product in the market has gained us a good reputation among our clients. At Locate It Direct, our aim is to cater to the needs of our customers to the best of our ability.

Our granulators match the industrial standards and will boost your processing and production process effectively.