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Used 1 Cuft V-blender 316 S/S blender. Liquid and solid blend, with Intensifier bar, Explosion-proof motor. The maximum material density is 500 lbs per Cuft. Max density of 500 lbs.

Used 75 Cuft V-blender 316 S/S blender. Dry blend only.

SAAN Octagonal Blender Size 750 Liter or 25 Cuft OCTAGONAL BLENDER Model no# OB – 750 Year 2013 with Allen-Brady control panel complete with stainless steel stand in excellent condition New never used
Used SAAN Octagonal Blender Model OB-3000 S/N 021/12-2013 Year 2013. Complete blender with stainless steel stand and Allen-Brady PLC Control panel size 3000 Liter or 100 Cuft
New never used SAAN Octagonal Blender Model Lab size Model OB-200 Year 2013 with transfer Octagonal tote. Size 200 Liter or 7 cuft Lab size blender